Centrifical Forces

I am a New Mexico based artist living in lovely Santa Fe. My aim is to produce intricate designs that are layered with symbolism and live in a striking form which then moves and inspires the viewer.

My paintings are constructed with layers of Venetian plaster, burnished with pure pigment, oil pastels, photographs, writings, drawings and found objects. The various mediums produce a delicate texture and add depth to my palette.

I am drawn to mythology, Jungian psychology, poetry, dance, classical music and dreamtime. Ideas occur in early dawn, in the time between waking and dreaming or simply walking through my backyard, which empties into the arroyo behind the house. I also explore my own style during peaceful and quiet moments, away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. To create my own pieces of art for other people’s pleasure make me feel very proud and privileged.