Dear Soul Beings,

It has always been my belief that we are made up of both the seen and the unseen worlds. We have access to both through meditation, writing, trance and other creative rituals. Ritual is meditation.

Ritual, for me, is medicine. It is an antidote to ADHD and broadens my sense of support in a chaotic world, which you’ll see in the story below…

It’s 6am and the sky is already brightly lit. My plan for the day is to get as much writing done as possible. I throw on a linen shift and flip flops and make my way to the kitchen. The cat is whining outside, draped over the cement stoop. The temperature reads eighty degrees. I push the green button on the coffee maker, chug my thyroid pill with a glass of lemon water and grab the puppy’s leash. We march in a parade. Toffee, a shepherd-Eskimo mix, takes the lead, Oliver, a mini-poodle-terrier mix, follows and Marmalade, the long hair orange tabby, brings up the rear.

Dogs and cat are sniffing, marking territory, tracking the desert smells and previous animals. Me, I’m barely awake. Morning doves coo. I stop by the dilapidated stables and breathe up to the sky and down the road. A young deer pads softly across the path, not fifty feet in front of me. Thank you Goddess, I whisper. And please, grant me space, time and organization to accomplish my work today.

I make a mental plan of what to attack first. Should it be the edits on the book proposal or chapter one of my memoir? Back at the house, I open all the windows, grab my coffee and open my computer. Glaring emails remind me of bills to pay, appointments and submission options. Flight schedules appear to remind me of our imminent departure this Thursday to take Marika to Boston for a summer acting program. Facebook splatters astrological predictions about the Summer Solstice which falls right next to a Strawberry Sagittarius Full Moon. By now I am completely distracted from my goal of writing.

I move into the bedroom and stand in front of my desk, laptop in hand. My desk has been ambushed by loose-leaf papers, files, coffee cups, old journals and a mess of unpaid bills.

It’s now 8am and not much has happened writing or organizationally. There is still tea to brew for my daughter before her coaching session, animals to feed and questions my husband needs answers to. I clear away some of the garbage, replace the books on the shelves, grab the old coffee cup and set the computer to Skype. The day feels pregnant and while I am still a ways from the work at hand, I am buoyed by what needs to be done. The solstice feels like a big dream catcher, an enormous lattice of possibility, something airborne that is springy and light, yet has an innate structure. It is time to cast dreams and aspirations. This is a time for change and manifestation. A time for ceremony. This is a distraction that will serve.

But it’s 8am and yes, all my chores await. No ceremony yet.

The phone rings and it is a dear friend whom I am happy to connect with. Somehow all the talk feels like grist for the mill. Marika bursts into the room and announces she needs to be at the plaza by noon. My editor is texting me simultaneously. I have a meeting with her in less than an hour. Time to shower, change and drop Marika off. I race home with fifteen minutes to spare.

I light the candle on my altar and immediately feel comforted. Five minutes to write down five intentions that need dreaming into. I have begun. Now the Skype session with my wonderful coach and editor, Kerri. (

In twenty minutes we come up with a plan of what to tackle first. Keep writing the blog, edit chapters one, two and three and get them to her ASAP. Tackle the rest of the manuscript. Write query letter, edit book proposal. Website is a work in progress. Whew! Thank you, Kerri!

Now I am in alignment and it is solstice and time for ceremony. The candles are lit and intentions are set. Time for the cosmic sweep of the broom. I put on Native American Drum music and stand in front of my altar. Looking back is a statue of Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, crystals, sage and cornmeal. I burn the sage to clear the energy and let that which is no longer needed to fall away.

I ask for all my allies, personal guides and angels to come through. My heart fills with gratitude for these beings; Alia, the horse who came in to help me breathe when I had cancer, Salome, the black panther, who swam with me in the deep and any other angels there to guide and protect me. I ask to clear all negativity and dissolve old patterns and values which no longer serve and then I ask for what I need.

When I finish saying my prayers out loud, I get the drum and beat along with the music. The rhythms circulate throughout my cells and the energy is palpable. This helps me stay embodied on the heart of my path and reminds me to keep building the foundation. To listen to what connects me to the collective, and what connects us all. If I keep birthing my dream and stay honest, my soul is fed. I am deeply nourished and I can send that out into the world.

It takes me a while. My path almost always seems circuitous but I will get there in the end, distractions and all. Life is rich. Feel the magic, go for the gold!

Thank you.



PS – By time you read this, we will be in Boston with Marika. Our girl is off to a five week acting intensive at Boston University! The arrow is shot and what her trajectory will be, well only time will tell. There will be more to say about this as the days and weeks pass….

PPS – My friend, Tanya Taylor Rubinstein just wrote an email about this in her free series of daily writing inspiration here: