Soul Rising:

A journey through infertility to adoption.



Dear Soul Being…

I’m sitting at the kitchen table watching the sun rise over the mountains behind my house. The faint glow of the pink sky softens the chatter in my head. Excepting a lone coyote howl in the distance, all is quiet. My husband and daughter are still asleep. The coffee is brewing. My journal and pen are at hand.

So begins my morning routine, before mayhem ensues. I am reflecting on aspects of my memoir, SOUL RISING: A Journey Through Infertility to Adoption, the ups and downs and the interminable waiting that characterized those years in my life. It was a path I had to follow. I see all of the baby pictures of my daughter Marika, covering the refrigerator, and the fact that she is now taking driver’s ed makes my head spin.

So much has happened on this journey. I light a candle, say a prayer, and reflect on the magic in my life. Nothing could be more profound than the adoption of our daughter. It was a total soul journey, a path of new relationships, of heartbreak, endless waiting, and emotional investment, all of which deepened my experience of being human. It took deep commitment to stay on the path. It took desire, prayer and faith.

I ask you, dear soul being, what does it mean to you to stay on your soul’s path?

How willing are you to stay with your soul’s direction and what does that mean in your life right now?

For me, it was a strong desire to birth a child, to have a family, to find grace. For two years, I devoted myself to the process of invitrofertilization and it took me down a black hole. I desperately wanted to take my stand in the world as a mother, but I had to slow down and listen. I had to surrender. I had to believe that if I could trust in love, trust the Universe, stay true to my creativity and stand in my full power, life would surprise me.

What is your greatest desire? What do you honor and value about your life?

How might you listen more closely to the direction of your soul? The exercise is worth taking inventory.

Amy and Marika by Jennifer E.I have a miracle to share – in my book and in my life (and so do you, soul being).

Amy Sayers

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